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Raceseng Crank Pulley - Blue
Raceseng Crank Pulley - Blue
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Details: Form and function come together and deliver a truly unique performance part for your FA20 engine in the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

This is a custom run and when they are gone there will be no more.

The Revo crank pulley is only .81 pounds which is 4.08 pounds lighter then the factory steel crank pulley! A total of 83.4% weight loss means less rotational weight and faster revs, transforming a new acceleration experience.

We set out on a mission to shave off as much rotating mass as possible while maintaining superior strength - a task achieved through design alone. We developed a unique spoke design to eliminate as much cross sectional mass as possible.

Stock Crank Pulley - 4.886 lbs.
Revo Crank Pulley - .810 lbs.

TOTAL WEIGHT SAVINGS - 4.076 lbs. lighter and 83.4% reduction in rotating mass

We specifically chose an aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum because of its tensile strength and use U.S.A. milled aluminum only.

The Revo crank pulley is precisely crafted using state of the art cnc milling and turning centers. The manufacturing is done in house because we can accurately and consistently control our product.

The harmonic balancer has the sole responsibility to retard or lessen the resonant frequencies that occur during the normal operation of any internal combustion motor. The crank is like a tuning fork for musicians; when the firing cycle hits each cylinder, its like a flick to the tuning fork. So when you see the term "harmonic", it is a literal description of what is occurring to your crank. Your crank is actually flexible, believe it or not, if it wasn't, your engine wouldn't last more then 10,000 miles. It flexes on a microscopic level to absorb the explosion from each cylinder, this flex is precisely what creates an engine's natural frequency. Some vehicle's frequencies are more violent then others due to the architectural layout of the cylinders. For example, a V6 or V8 will have higher resonance because the downward thrust of each cylinder travels through the center-line of the crank in a non-linear pattern; this actually has the ability to amplify the frequency, depending on your RPM. Compare this to an I6 or I4 and you reduce the harmonics due to the linear pulse of the cylinders approach the crank from a single direction. Finally the Flat-4, with force traveling through the crank to opposing cylinders, the frequency is reduced by its own operation. We're not saying that the frequency is completely eliminated! We're saying that of all the engine formats available, a flat-4 is the best candidate for a lightened crank pulley.

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